Get to know the Legend Women

Annalena Cyberstar: 
*Nickname:  Anal Anna
*Started porn:  April 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I wanted to give it a try and add both humour and a little more edge in it - I prefer to do kinky, rough and extreme themed films.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  Filmed, directed and edited "Anal Workout" in April 2010 - starring Jane Anus and Jeff Adjani, music by Miles Davis

Chloe Deimatov:
*Nickname:  Chloe Nicole
*Started porn:  2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I was closing the sims I owned down and wanted another challenge.  I am a rl photographer and wanted to start taking pictures in SL.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  A photo shoot with a guy who I don't recall his name shot in a sex sim.  It was published,  it was very forgettable  and honestly, I am glad I can't find it now. :-)
  Hi, my name is Chloe, I've been around SL since 1999 doing about all that can be done: building, a bit of scripting, sex play, bdsm, sim ownership, etc . I always seemed to spend a lot of time at sex and bdsm sims, exploring my fantasies, doing things I can't do in RL. which is a natural fit for the SL porn world.
  I've always enjoyed photography, both sides of the camera. I realized that it excited me to be 'seen' and what better way to be seen that to be in porn. I've stepped into SL porn fully, it allows me to realize many fantasies all at once. I'm here to stay..
  I am principal owner of Digital Dreamz Productions, we specialize in tasteful nude and sex focused  photography.  Always looking for new, fresh models with above average looks. Interested? look me up and ask for our models notecard.

Deirdre Paulino:
*Started porn: 2009
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn: Because it looked like a lot of fun!
*Your first SL Porn experience:  I was in a group sex film in 2009 released by Ruff Brocco.  Emmanuelle Jameson was also in it - in fact, she's the one who IMed me to tell me about the shoot! 
  I joined SL in November 2008, and have been a dancer and escort ever since.  I learned about the SL porn industry from a chance meeting with Emmanuelle Jameson at the Galaxy Strip Club.  A couple of months later, she IMed me to tell me about a Ruff Brocco shoot.  After that, I didn't pursue porn roles for a long time with my main avi (this one), although I did as an alt, and my alt appeared in two films around 2010-2011.  Around that time, I also made a solo video, "Waterfall." 
  In 2012, I made the decision to get back into the porn, start doing my own photo shoots, and work on getting modeling and acting roles.  I opened my own studio, Sapphic Desires Studios, and started my blog.  As the name suggests, Sapphic Desires has focused on girl-girl and solo shoots, but I'm making plans to diversify. 
  I've also posed for a number of other studios and photographers in the meantime (Midnight Sun and Obsessions), and have roles in a couple of videos about to be released.  The highlight of my porn career so far was the brief time (February-April 2013) I was one of the Hoobs Hotties.

Emmanuelle Jameson:
*Nickname: Emma or Jennnna (from my old name)
*Started porn: 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  The idea of being watched was exciting.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  In a Ruff Brocco movie. It was fun we had an instant chemistry and we've been friends ever since.
  Emmanuelle started the very popular SL Pornstars blog, under her original name of Jennnnna. Since it started, the blog has almost 2 million views. Emmanuelle also founded the SL Pornstars group, the premiere group for Second Life erotic actors and directors, as well as The Sexiest Flickr group for photography. She also created the prestigious THE SEXIEST FILM awards, the Oscars of SL erotica.
Emmanuelle's films are among the most watched in Second Life history, with several getting over 100,000 views on different sites. Emmanuelle is available as an actress, model and director for erotic work or fashion.

Evangeline Brunswick:
*Nickname: Eva
*Started porn: 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  My very good friend Thorgal McGillivary got me started.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  The movie House Rules with Thorgal McGillivary.
  I met Thorgal Mcgillivary in Jan 2011 and he told me about the porn business, later that year I was a extra for his, Im Luvin It, movie then got a staring role in, House Rules.  I won, Best in Oral, at the adult movie awards, Feb of 2012.  Thorgal McGillvary encouraged me with my photos and the rest was history.  I've been doing all my films with him (SYWB Porn Star Series , Toys in the Attic and MillionDollar Movie) and my own photo work  myself and others and been in others work too.  I was a Hoobs Hotties/Owner/CEO and now I am Founder/Owner of Studs of Porn, Owner of Porn Info Center and I do some editorial work on the Sexiest Pornstar Group blog working with new people as much as I can or finding people to give them a start.  I'm a flirt in group chats but really quiet and shy until I get to know people better but can be lots of fun once I do ;)

Gina Mazi:
*Started porn: 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  It started out for fun , but after time passed I have come to make many good freinds with in the group.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  It was with Lestat Draconia, he recruited me to join his studio group and we did some sexy shoots.  Later, I met Kane Daffyd and he also had me do some shoots for him .

Harlee Fallen:
*Nickname: Harlee ''Blondie'' Fallen, Lola Monroe
*Started porn: 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  My look and my persona were fresh at the time, I mean everyone knew who Barbie was and there was the slutty porn blonde, but nobody did it quite right.  I felt like I introduced it slowly through my image and when I was asked by directors to be in pornos, I was hesitant but I knew I would be in capable hands with people like: Ruff Brocco, Alexandr Aho and Strombolio.  I knew they would make me look great and desirable so I couldn't refuse.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  I actually started my adult debut in a movie directed by 'Ruff Brocco' in 2009 at that point everyone made pretty much the same kind of movies, I was friends with him for a long time prior so when he told me he was getting into it I thought it would be fun.  I stopped mainly after that, till I was once again brought into the seedy dark world of SL adult entertainment! This time via Alexandr Aho whose work I totally appreciate and respect he's just an amazing SL artist, I love his work, he's definitely the person who got me back into it!
  The Original Barbie of SL.  As you can tell I'm flawless, a blonde plastic princess whose conceited, materialistic, superficial and ruthless.  I don't have time for losers or wannabes.  Its not my fault all the hot boys want me and girls want to be me but don't get it twisted, just because your hot doesn't mean I will fuck you.  You see baby I have standards unlike these tacky sluts, its about quality not quantity hehe, setting trends is natural to me, like if you want to be super mad, go ahead, but its so hard to care from way up here when your all way down there hehe.

Ivori Faith:
*Nickname:  Ives
*Started porn:  2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  To have fun and satisfy my exhibitionist desires.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  It was a movie for Cybercat Beckers, a scene with Faye Nymphea
  The hottest Canadian T-girl in SL Porn?  Fun-loving, ferociously bisexual.  I'm as comfortable on my knees as I am putting you on yours.

Jane Anus:
*Started porn: 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I'm a showoff, I love sex and my best friend started to produce.
*Your first SL Porn experience: Anal Workout ( 6th of March 2010)
  My name is Jane Anus and I'm 27 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. I have made a few films on SL so far and I'm very eager to get more jobs if anyone needs me. I have a high variety of outfits and tools.  I prefer to work with people who take porn on a higher level than just a simple jump-in-the-bed-scene.  I also prefer to film with men but I have also done some lesbian scenes.  I'm blonde, shorthaired, short and well fit for the industry, very not-typical tiny tits.

Jewell Shinja:
*Nickname: Jewelly
*Started porn:2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I was only brought over via Lestat Draconia, he  kind of found me when I was roleplaying in a Sim,  No thoughts had crossed my mind  to be in porn ever, but just decided to add this  to being an experience
*Your first SL Porn experience:  Was in a Photo Shoot with Lestat Draconia, there is some photos in my flickr with the sets he did
  Started out  in 2011 in sporadic photo shoots within  Platinum Fangs, was with the company for around maybe 6 or 7 months not sure, once I left did a shoot well won a photo shoot with Eva Brunswick in a competition that was being done every 2 weeks to let people be showcased.  I have also done 2 photo shoots with Miss Emily one being a intro shoot she does and also a bedroom shoot a few months later.  I have been in 3 films, one being part of the million movie which was the one with Thorgal and Eva, and 2 films of Thorgals, Creep and Toys in the Attic.  I've probably done other things since then but I can never remember lol, but currently I've been with MidnightSun Studios for over a year, mainly  helping out.  Over the year I have currently been running, MidnightSun full time and do various themed photo shoots for other porn people, whether new in the business or have been around a long time. 
  I keep doing what I do and stuff, always willing to do more within my time in this world of porn as we call it, all of the experience is kind of nice.

Louise Kristan-Faulds:
Nickname:  Lou
Started porn:  2011
The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I love the excitement and the ability to express myself uninhibited by Rl conventions
Your first SL Porn experience:  I appeared in  Love Juice Directed by Serenity Juneberry
  Porn Film Appearances:  Love Juice, Vibrations in Time. Producer of many films by Erotique Film Productions.  Porn Film Screenplay Writer and Set builder.  Glamour and Porn Photographer

Meg Corral:
*Nickname:  Megan
*Started porn:  2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I really never had any intention of joining SL Porn, but one day I was perving a profile in a club, saw the PornStars group and decided to join.  Once I was in the group and saw what it was about, I knew this would be something that I would enjoy since I had always had a flickr prior with sexual content and enjoyed the art of sex.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  I met Kain Flux in the PornStars group, his display name was, The Situation, I side IM'd him and we spoke.  We talked for hours and he mentioned that he would like to have me in a photo shoot, and his first film that he would produce, so I agreed.
  Hey I am Meg, I am an adult actress/model/producer/director for photography and videography.  My porn career started in 2010 and I have climbed to the top mainly due to my own self promotion which led me to where I am.  As I had stated prior I have always enjoyed the art of sex and enjoyed taken photos and posting to my flickr before I even knew there was a such thing as SL Porn.  I became noticed quickly and the one thing I was noticed for was my avatar.  In 2010 there were not many thick/curvy avatars and I became quickly known as the Porn Star with a curvy shape and big ass.  I was different and many producers loved my style.  Now 2013 soon to be 2014 it seems curvy/thick is what a lot of the female avatars are going for, I have never changed, started thick/curvy and will remain.  I have worked with many amazing producers/directors/photographers such as:  Alexandr Aho, Luther Blackburn, Rocco Vanhelsing, Ruff Brocco, Strombolio, Kain Flux, Daves Dethly, Lasga Calven, Elle Calven, AlexLatino Bigboots, Thorgal McGillivary, Shuougun, Meli Mels (sweetmelons) and the list goes on and on.
  I recently started my own company, HBIC Productions est. 2012.  I learned to film but due to a bad graphics card I only continued with photography until now, 2014 will be the break out year for my film career.  I look forward to bringing new style, flavor, story lines, and faces to the table.  I have been in the business for years and I am ready to roll the dice.
  Porn is just a small percentage of my life in SL.  I am also the Events Manager and Blogger Manager for Spoiled Lil Brats, owned by Shy Furlough.  Co-owner of La Spoiled Bitches, opening March 2014 and Lust Magazine Columnist/Photographer.  I spend a lot of time with my family and friends in SL, they are my foundation in the game. 
  I am the type of person who leads, known to speak my mind, it might hurt me at times but at the end of the day at least I know that I have done what I feel is best for me. Well my theory, love me or hate me, either way you are going to watch me, smiles.

*Nickname: Emily
*Started porn: 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  Naughty and glamorous, who doesn't want to be a movie star?
*Your first SL Porn experience:  The very first movie I was in was, Lesbian Bar Pick Up 7-31-2011. It was posted on Kitty Shack by director Pelon Beaton and starred Liltxsmile & myself.  It was a simple girl /girl movie.
  I have directed over 100 movies and starred in over 100 movies. The movie I am proudest of is   SUCCUBUS, its 100 minutes long and the best movie I have done so far.
I founded the * SL PORN * group and Second Life Porn blog.

Pixie Rain:
*Started porn:  2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I wanted to make edgy and experimental machinima combining artistic values with good, hard sex. Second Life seemed the best place to do that!
*Your first SL Porn experience:  My first true SL porn machinima was probably "Sex With Strangers" which won Best Special Effects at THE SEXIEST film contest of 2010. Although I'd made sex/adult-themed machinima before "Sex With Strangers", this was the first one created with the SL porn community in mind.
  English. Digital arts student at London University.
Has had  machinima nominated in every years' THE SEXIEST machinima contest held so far, except the year when she was appointed Head Judge of the contest (and therefore not allowed to enter the contest).
Takes far too long making a film, releasing only one or two a year.

Enjoys laughing.

Priscila Balogh:
*Nickname: Miss Balogh or Pri.
*Started porn: 2009
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I receive an invited from Ruff Brocco and for him we don't say no. Yes, this is one of my reason, but I love sex and I was tired of my boring life as owner of one island.  I left my office and all behind. I burned my clothes and jumped in this kind of style of life that I love.
*Your first SL Porn experience: It was with Ruff Brocco in Pussy Raiders.
  Well ... My name is Priscila Balogh and I am a Brazilian girl.  I love to have fun. I am almost 6 years of SL.  I started as owner of a famous Brazilian island (the SexyLife Brazil).  I was doing nothing after I sold the island.  Ruff Brocco, one of my friends, invited me to be a dancer in his club. And then I was invited to make a porn film.  My first film is called 'Pussy Riders' (by Ruff Brocco).
Link I acted in over 30 films between 2009 and 2011.

Quinn Ying:
*Nickname:  Q, Q of Spades
*Started porn:  September 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  No director had ever filmed an actress wearing implants before (They were pretty scared they wouldn't look up nice lol) and it was about time things had to change :P Being an exhibitionist myself, the idea fascinated me a lot.  Then a friend gave me an opportunity, and fell in love with the people around the scene :)
*Your first SL Porn experience:  Scooby Mode and Pelon Beaton released my debut on September 7, 2010, it's been a true coincidence, I didn't expect the to come out so quick, and I was prettily surprised and happy. Being in a porn movie had been something I really wanted :)
  Flickr photographer since June 2010, I experimented by being among the first to use shadows in SL photography.  I mostly appeared bare breast, showing the first Lolas designs, which I liked being the first brand to show a very natural look.  All the porn directors I've been talking to with during that time were pretty much skeptical about getting me for the first time in movies, they were mostly afraid prim breasts won't look so "natural", But at last I think my shots on Flickr convinced them, and got my parts being the first "busty" pornstar in SL!
  Later I attempted filming, and Emmanuelle encouraged me since my first shoots!  Kareen and Scooby taught me the very basics in shooting and editing, until I made my debut in filming, with the first SL movie featuring shadows!  Back in 2010 I really wanted to show people how far special effects could go, and possibly inspire more people to get into filming :)

Raelin Jestyr:
*Nickname:  Raelin Rage-Stillwater
*Started porn:  Fall of 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I had started by accident.  I decided to be party of the SL Porn community because I loved the creativity and sensuality of the people.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  I had met a Porn Director through an RP.   I had actually no idea he was really filming until at the end of the RP he sent me the link to the movie he'd just filmed.   I was kind of drawn in by the idea of capturing a story in Video and in a photo
  Raelin Jestyr.. aka Raelin Rage-Stillwater:  Roleplayer/Film-maker/Photographer and purveyor of pixel smut in many media.

Serenity Kristan-Faulds:
*Nickname: Sere
*Started porn: 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I never really had a reason, it was all a complete accident, or a coincidence. I sort of made my first Porn film, not intending to be a Porn star at all. So I missed out a lot of the usual things, stressing about getting cast, and the whole starting out thing. As I'll explain in 'My first Porn Experience'.
*Your first SL Porn experience: I decided to make a video, to promote an escort suite I'd just built at Club Erotique with my business partner ( now SL partner/wife Louise. ). It featured me with a client! I remembered naughty machinima from videos I'd seen of Amy Kitten, so I uploaded there. Emmanuelle Jameson saw it, friended me, invited me to Pornstars Group, until then I had no idea of a 'Porn Scene' in Second Life! I discovered it all by accident and through Emmanuelle.
  I've been a Porn director/actress since August 2010, at 'Erotique Porn Productions', Club Erotique, which I co own with Louise Kristan-Faulds, is also a regular venue for Pornstars Parties. I run the 'Pornstars Blog', formerly Emmanuelle Jameson's SL Blog.  I also co owned the original Pornstars SL group with Emmanuelle, now 'The Sexiest® : Pornstars Group'.
  In 2011, and 2012, we were lucky enough to win 'Sexiest® Film Awards', for Best Movie, Sex scenes, special effects, and stories. I won 'Best Director' and myself and Arwen Juneberry both won 'Sexiest® Actress' Awards.  In 2013 the last awards show, I had the honor of being head judge for the event.
  More recently I've developed my Flickr modeling and photography.  I make less movies due to blogging commitments and photo projects, but still enjoy directing and acting in porn movies when inspiration strikes with a good idea and the Erotique girls all get together to develop the plot and script and sets.

Sufferingfrom Lockjaw:
*Nickname:  Leannan Lockjaw
*Started porn:  I cannot remember the precise time I first joined the SL porn community, but it was soon after I joined Hard Alley in August 2010.  I joined SLPorn and Pornstars, but left for awhile and came back again in 2011.
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  To make art.  I have been interested in RL porn since I was 18 or so, and when I discovered sex in SL, and then porn in SL, I wanted to make some dreams come true:)
*Your first SL Porn experience:  I actually cannot remember what came first:  My audition with Lorenz Beerbaum co-starring Erin Cedarbridge, or my "homemade video" called Piece of Shit Car;)  Both were very educational.  Mr. Beerbaum was a good beginning for me, he does porn like a professional.  He looks you over, tells you what to fix, is very patient but precise.  He gives good direction, he's very detail-oriented but not bossy.  It was VERY professional, very concise, and no sexual overtures about "wanna fuck after" shit that I have gotten from others.  In my own movie, I got to see the OTHER side as well, I have more respect for directors BECAUSE of what I went through to make that medium-graphic, low-grade movie (but the voiceover was worth it..lollol).  I truly think that at some point, every long-term pornstar should make a movie... JUST to see what it is like.
  I am not your ordinary pornstar.  I tend to play my RL age (almost 40), and love NOT being 20 something.  I have a fascination with erotica; not just porn, but sexuality in humans in general.  I love erotic photography, erotic pose making, erotic artwork, vocal work (voiceover acting) slow love scenes, hard fucking, and everything in-between. 
  I am a hard-worker when given a chance.  I am very easy to work with, can work via tex/Voice/Skype so I am flexible, I take direction and criticism well, and I make a good sounding board when you need someone to talk ideas out with.  I want YOU to make a good product, because it will help further BOTH of our careers and we both want something WE can be proud of in the end.

Wet Macbeth:
*Nickname:  Beth
*Started porn: 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  To be part of a group of people that has the same likes.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  My first time was a photo shoot called Visions Of Wet, my first film was called the co-worker.