Get to know the Legend Men

Alexus Minotaur:
*Nickname:  Alex
*Started porn: 2009
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  Some time ago I dated with a pornstar in RL, so I thought how it would be the porn lifestyle.  I knew it that in RL once you start with that, you are stigmatized. But here you can be whatever you want and it's ok.  If some people choose to be robots or dragons or furries why I couldn't be a pornstar?  So that's how I started.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  My first public appearance was in the film "First Time Filmed #19" from Sid Haalan Films.  I had sex there with Kitti, one amateur like me, and the film was part of a series of "porn debut" for a lot of people.  The series were more focused in promote girls, but considering my appearance, the director allowed me to be one of the few guys in the project.
  After work for Sid Haalan I met Layla Viper, one of the most famous (and desired) pornstars in that time.  She founded Viper Productions and I started to work in her projects.  Later, I thought it was time to be independent so I created Minotaur Productions.  My first work as director with a top pornstar besides Layla was with Priscila Balogh, the Brazilian bombshell.  She trusted on me, though she only worked with famous directors.  I'm always grateful for that, not just because I fulfilled my fantasy to have sex with one of my favorite pornstars since I joined in SL Porn, but also because with the name of Layla and Priscila in my productions I had a good support to start to work with other girls.  I must mention that one of my first works was with whom in the future would be the Queen of Porn (Krystall Pearl).  I didn't discover her, but I was one of her first directors.
  Since then I've worked with all the big female names in the industry. I started with movies (Pornstar Hunter), but I feel more comfortable making photoshoots.
  Some of my achievements are the first directory of pornstars named "Who is Who in SL Porn", one of the first directors bringing some of diversity into the porn industry and actually I make porn comics with interesting stories for my magazine Minotaur (one of the few ones who work with this style).

Alexandr Aho:
*Started porn: 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I'm addicted to sex.
*Your first SL Porn experience:

Edvard Taurion:
*Started porn:  December 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  Way back then i was SL newbie, my SL mom did good job with my avi right form the start, so one day maybe when i was 3 weeks SL old Quinn Ying approached me on Libido sim and ask do i wanna make video scene with her. And you did see her, who will be able to say no to her ;)
*Your first SL Porn experience:  Thats where the story continues, form above, she didnt wait, it was some party on Libido sim and she did make group scene with me and few other guys. She release that few days later and i like it. we did few more sets, more on les on Libido sim parties and i did shoot with Hitomi Crystal there to. We did have some talk to make few scenes with TheEmmanuelleJameson, but that didn't happened.
  After that i was kinda disappointed in SL porn, because i meet some other people in biz that i dont wanna name here, and in my opinion, they where just fame seekers and gold diggers so i didnt like that side at all, plus i was still so SL young that other stuff take my attention. after almost  18 month break from active shooting some of dear old friends in porn was calling me back constantly, saying good things about MissEmily23, evangeline Brunswick, Thorgal McGillivary, Mistyk Shinn, Rosalee Rhiadra, Ayara Illios and others that i didnt meet b4.
  I did left my voice security job for good, established my private exclusive group only Taurion's castle, quit my magazine job and established my own Second Life Adult Furniture and Equipment blog, so all was going good i can say it was just time to meet those "new" people that my old friends where telling me about.
  So one day i just went to MissEmily23 party, jump in her im, and tell her that i did shoot with few names before and that i wanna come back in porn scene. Tomorrow she did make interview with me, and in one week i did have my first film out for her production. I did Shoot 3 films with her since then, was nominated for her golden cock reward 8 times in 6 different categories, also i did shoot film series with Thor, excellent guy and producer i must add. All else come after that, so i did appear in few calenders for 2014, and did have plenty of sets and videos for, i will make it alphabetically in the way groups are listed in SL so no one gets offended; Dirty Girl Dreamz Productions,  ***Sugarplum Productions***, HBIC Productions, Nothing Special productions, In da pink studios, Miss Emily's Studio Productions, MystyDream Studio, Naughty Pixel Production, Pink Production, Pixel Sin, Pornographic photography Productions, London Zane Productions, Studs of Porn and i have some plains now with B-T.E.A.M spec. ops. production to.
  My private castle and blog are my primary concern, because thats whats pays builds, after that im all in porn, trying to help new people that wanna come in, recruiting for few productions, managing sets for some, advising or lending furniture etc. Enjoying what future and new SL viewers and servers have to offer ;)

EJ Cannned:
*Nickname: EJ
*Started porn: 2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  I was looking for a new experience had been in second life a long time and was bored, then I met Krystal Pearl djing a birthday party one night and her and another actress introduced me to Scooby Mode who was a director at the time and he put me in my first movie.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  Wow, ummm was a movie directed by Scooby who also starred in it if I remember right along with a few other people (who's names I can't remember no offense to the other actors but was almost 4 years ago lol). Anyways, was a interesting experience and I went on to be in many other films directed by Scooby and the first movie actually won an award (however that counts lol) fir sexiest group scene at the first 2010 awards. I did around 40 movies most of them with Scoob and a few photo shoots with Meg Corral (Santa has never been the same Meg lol) and just kind of faded out but I am still around so don't be afraid to say hi and who knows maybe I'll do movies again soon.  I always wanted to do a western porn just ever got the chance lol. Anyways, so ya thats about it for my first experience. I am grateful for the experiences and love the new people that came into my life because of the experience some gone some still around.
  Whats up yall I'm DJ EJ I'm 36 and have been rocking SL for over 5 years as a DJ and did am very open minded.  I play everything from Blues to country to southern rock to rock.  I came to Second life  to play all your requests and dedications and to party you can catch at various time, and at various clubs all over SL during the week.  I also DJ private weddings, and parties.  I love playing music, and especially bringing new music to people that they may enjoy.  My world is music so when you come to hear me DJ let me say to you welcome to my world.  In closing, I am also a porn actor guess you could say on hiatus till any more opportunities present themselves lol.
Music is my religion Lyrics are my language welcome to my life.... enjoy.

Hard Rust:
*Nickname:  The Sleaze King
*Started porn:  Movies in 2010, but I've been doing pics since 2006
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  My girlfriend wanted to be in a porn movie, so I made one.  It was a lot of fun so I made more.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  Shooting my first movie, "Reform School Slut"
  I created Hard Alley in 2006, and the School Girls Gone Bad Detention Facility in 2007.  I started making Movies in 2010, and have produced about 7 movies so far, including several SEXIEST award winners.  I have also been doing a lot of Photography recently, both taking photos and collaborating with other photographers, but my main contribution to SL porn is still running Hard Alley and providing a place to have fun, shoot pictures, and film movies.

Jamezz T Doulton:
*Nickname:  Jamezz
*Started porn:  2010
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  Thought it would be something fun and new to try
Your first SL Porn experience:  Photo shoot was Ayara was very professional.  Movie i was so nervous thinking i was going to screw it up trying to get everything right and the worst part, the costar i was pared with was AFK almost all of the time .. Ugh .. Thought for sure i was going to get blamed. But Emily Was great and very understanding.
  Jamezz is a currently, single guy who enjoys spending time with friends, doing photo shoots, exploring, trying new things and just basically being silly and having fun

Jhownn Warliffe:
*Started porn:  2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  Just for fun.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  An actor.
  Jhownn Warcliffe, Porn Director.

Kain Flux:
*Nickname:  Kain Dragneel
*Started porn:  2009
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn: photography and it seemed like fun
*Your first SL Porn experience:  i cant remember to long ago

Luther Blackburn:
*Nickname: Grim
*Started porn: 2011
*The reason you decided to join SL Porn:  Boredom, role-play had dried up, I had far too much time on my hands and couldn't find anything to really fill it at the moment except for that.
*Your first SL Porn experience:  My friend Cassandra featured me in a Christmas video at the late part of 4th quarter of 2011.  It was basically just a blow-job video with us dressed all Christmassy, it was fun to make so I kind of just started looking to do more.
  I'm assuming that you want my bio for Secondlife, so here we go, the long boring story.  I started playing Secondlife in 2006 on another account that I do not keep a secret (Christian Nakizo).  My first days in Secondlife were strange, as at that point in time it cost money to teleport around (ten linden a teleport) and because I was a new player, had no concept of the game yet, I was broke and stuck within a strip club that a friend of mine had teleported me too and left me since she had other things to attend to.  I did not get the game at first, I was looking for an objective, going from playing games where you had quests or missions to accomplish to just having an open world (sandbox) to do whatever was very strange to me.
  After my friend finally explained to me all the things you could do within the game I began working at night clubs, you know doing the usual noob work, I found out that I could start roleplaying.  That was when my attention shifted from just standing around learning to build went to roleplaying and learning how to build entire sims, which I became very good at.  For about 2 years I would do custom builds for people for various sim types, sci-fi, fantasy, and some being harry potter sims.  After a long stint of doing that I went to just roleplaying and helping do administrative work and a lot of plot writing for the sims.  I found all those experiences very rewarding but as with most things in Secondlife, drama finally reared its ugly head and I found myself not wanting to do it as much as I had anymore, which lead to me to find a new outlet, entered porn.
  I had always been told my avatar was very well built, and I had all sorts of free time on my hand that left me needing something to do.  One of my friends told me about porn, though I hadn't understood the purpose and after staring in a minor role I decided I wanted to give it a try.  I would fill out applications to star with different production companies, but after about a month of waiting for someone to work with me and attending the porn-star parties that were meant to promote the community and work within it only to find myself not being cast anyways, I decided to start doing my own movies.
  My first film that I did was mostly an experiment to see how far I could push my PC while filming while also giving a nod back to the friend who had gotten me really involved within the group, Cassandra.  It was nothing incredibly special but it taught me many things.  What lighting to use, what the limitations were with certain editing programs, what to look for before filming and how to master the pre-production angle of things.  After taking to serenity, a friend of mine at the time who became a mentor, suggested different programs for editing film, she also helped me with promoting myself.  After a few more films I released, from what I'm to understand, one of my more popular films. U.S.O.-rgy.  It stared friends of mine that I had collected as well as some new faces that really hadn't gotten their foot in the door.  The thing with me and what I wanted to do was make a fun experience for everyone who was involved and to try and help people who were just starting out a chance to get their name out.  Some people didn't really understand why I did that, and perhaps this is my chance to really get the word out as to why.  I started out not knowing dick within the industry, and I couldn't get anyone to help me, or to feature me.  It's not a great feeling knowing that there are people who are around that don't give a fuck about anyone except those within their click, so I had promised myself to get people whom I didn't know work, and to give them some of the lime light.
Was it easy? No, working with folks who were brand new was never easy, but I didn't mind teaching them what it was all about.  Some had the wrong impression that by staring in a film it meant that we would be emoting, or that they would have to do something before filming in-order to be in a film. After I told them that wasn't the case and that I filmed in-order to film not to fuck they would tell me about other producers directors who had done the opposites only to never feature them at all.  To me that was not only disgusting but adding to the fuel of drama that everyone claimed to hate, though later I would find that some claimed such things but really it just gave them a sense of purpose and made them feel important.  Whatever floats someone's boat I guess.  But that was it, I wanted to do something different and to help people out, even if it was in something as 'shady' as Secondlife porn. Doing something nice for someone shouldn't just be limited to things that are bright and shiny, so from the dark underbelly of Secondlife I started trying to make a little bit of light for folks, and if Megs asking me to write this perhaps I accomplished that a bit.  So for a year I filmed, starred, and worked my ass off until the end of the 4th quarter of 2012 and decided after a huge body of work and having made a name for myself I wanted to 'retire' and after a year of taking a break I'm in a new place in my life and I'm happy in retirement.  Some photos have popped up on flicker with myself and my partner, something we both enjoy doing at times but we have other things that we do.
  So that's about it for me, the bios long but yea... its a long story for a long SL carrier that has yet to end. So as I begin the next chapter of it I hope that those whom read this have enjoyed it and maybe learned a little.  Make friends work together and don't act like a fucking dipshit and you'll be fine and don't get too hung up on shit, things will fall through so if you can't get in, make it yourself.

Scooby Mode:
  Opportunity ass kicking, bubble gum smacking, crazy fuck that makes movies you're mother WOULD want you to watch.  Been a horny fuck  in the business for over  three years now, made a  few films(a shit ton) and been in a few films(a shit ton).