Friday, May 9, 2014

Legend Review

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated the blog, between RL and other projects in SL I am not up to date with everything, but I have not forgot about the Veterans and I hope to have the blog 100% completed soon!

I wanted to take sometime and feature what has been going on with a few of the Veterans over the past week(s).

  Emily (MissEmily23) has released a very sexy microkini which comes with appliers: Tango/Mirage, Lush, Phat/Cute Azz and WOWMEH mesh body wear.  (Photo taken by Emily)

Not only is Emily a top porn Producer she also creates fashion, so be sure to check out her store, Porn Star Fashions on the MarketPlace.

  Chloe Deimatov produced some really beautiful photos, starring herself along with David Dowd in March.  (Photo taken by Chloe Deimatov)

Check out her blog to keep up to date: Digital Dreams
Edvard Taurion has been very busy releasing reviews regarding very hot sex related furniture and equipment in SL.  (Photo taken by MOAisis)
It is always good to have a view coming from one our Pornstars!  Be sure to check out his blog for all the latest information regarding adult furniture and equipment, Second Life Adult Furniture and Equipment
  Serenity Kristan-Faulds has started a new blog feature on The Sexiest Pornstars blog.  In Serenity's words: 
"This is a Demo/Preview of a brand new Blog feature. I'll be putting application forms into Group notices for anybody interested in taking part. I'll hopefully be featuring many members in this series. I won't say it's daily, or even weekly, it will depend on free time. My own and those modeling. I hope you enjoy it, and see what it's all about below. I'm using myself as the guinea pig!
My hope is we'll find out something about each Pornstar. have some fun, and get a good in-depth look at them via 360 views, and even 3D!" (Photo taken by Serenity Kristan-Faulds)
I am really excited about this, it will be very interesting and fun for the Pornstars!  Read the full article on The Sexiest Pornstars blog: The Sexiest Pornstars

  Eva Brunswick is starring in an upcoming film: "Let's Get Physical", Produced and Directed by Thorgal McGillivary.  It is always a pleasure to see the Veteran Pornstars still on the scene! 
(Photo taken by Thorgal McGillivary)

I look forward to this film and will be sure to post a review once it is released.
  Lastly, I would like to update you all with my adventures.  I have been working on a film called "The Brothel", HBIC Productions, which I hope to release by mid-end of May.  I recently was asked by Barrett Hawker to start a fashion review for Lust Magazine, which will be called "Meg da la Mode", which means Meg in the Fashion which will preview in June.  I am really excited to feature this in the magazine, I have been featuring interviews but it is always exciting to do something new!
(Photo taken by Meg Corral)

Stayed tuned for updates Meg Corral .
The Veteran of the Month has been on hold, I am waiting for the women and men's Veteran of Porn mesh jackets to be completed.  The Veteran of the Month will receive a mesh jacket with Veteran of Porn on the back of it! 
Hugs and Kisses,
Meg Corral