Sunday, March 16, 2014


I wanted to explain the purpose of this blog.  Over the past few months I sent out notices in the porn groups with an application for those who started porn in 2009-2011.  Any Porn Stars who started in those years were eligible to participate.  Each of the Porn Stars listed completed the application and wanted to be featured on the blog. I wanted to give back to those who started SL Porn and to show where it all began. Without the Veterans SL Porn would not be where it is today.  The years 2009-2011 really raised the bar on many levels, not to mention the viewers and the changes to Second Life were drastic.  Those two years were a lot of transforming, testing and just bringing a lot of new projects to the virtual porn world.

The Porn Stars information and bio are listed under the Veteran Women or Veteran Men tabs.  I combined all of the Veterans together by gender this way for those reading the blog can have the chance to see each and every single persons information on one page.

As stated on my prior post I will pick a Veteran of the Month and I will do a photo shoot spread of the veteran to be featured on the blog.  This will be featured on the front page of the blog as well as under the Veteran of the Month tab, as the months go by this tab will have each month listed and who has been chosen.

Lastly, anyone who would like to be featured on the blog please contact me in-world for the application, please note you must have started in SL porn between the years of 2009-2011.  Each year that passes, should I still be on SL, I will add a new year.  This blog will continue throughout years to come.  December 2014 I will send out notice for an application for the year 2012.

Thank you,

Meg Corral

p.s. There are some incomplete bios as I am still waiting on the Porn Star to return it.  Photos are still in the works as well.  I wanted to release this because it has been far over due and many have been waiting to see this.   I hope you all enjoy this blog as it grows.